Prospects of Iran-Netherlands Trade and Investment Cooperation

20170221_113250Extract Tehran Times:

By Rebecca Meijlink – A team at International Research Networks (IRN) organised an excellent Iran Business Symposium on Feb. 21+23, 2017, at the Renaissance Hotel in Amsterdam. The purpose of the conference was to further create a better multilateral understanding and to serve as a platform whereby the global business and investment community could discover the latest developments and opportunities within the newly opened economy of Iran following the implementation of the Joint comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly called the nuclear deal. The forum was also intended to provide an opportunity for open discussion.

Future for Iran-Netherlands business

Head of Productivity and Organizational Improvement Research Department, Institute for Trade Studies and Research (ITSR), Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mines, Masood Kamali Ardakani, said that “Iran’s population of 80 million and 400+ million, including its neighbouring markets (versus 17 million in the Netherlands) is a promising market for Dutch companies.”

Currently, approximately half of exports to Iran are related to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Holland has a lot more to offer and in terms of know-how and technology is not limited only to the oil & gas sector, agriculture and water. There are countless other areas to be explored and acted upon by Dutch companies.  Iran is keen to cooperate with The Netherlands in areas such as port infrastructure, renewable energy, construction of greenhouses, water technologies, agro food industries pharmaceuticals and tourism as The Netherlands is considered one of the top destinations in Europe. And not to forget downstream petroleum and energy industries that Mahmood Khaghani explained as the chairman of the symposium and during roundtable discussions the advantages of ECO-Caspian Energy Grid for converting regional gas to power and exporting electricity to regional markets, the EU and beyond.

The Netherlands’ gross national product and its high purchasing power, make it an overall attractive market for high quality Iranian goods. At present, half of the exports of Iranian products to Holland are relatively low value edible fruits and nuts. Iran has much more to offer to Holland in terms of higher value goods.  The speakers highlighted the importance of bilateral agreements – as of yet, a bilateral agreement between The Netherlands and Iran does not yet exist.

In keeping with the positive spirit of the symposium an appropriate Dutch proverb to conclude with: ‘waar een wil is, is een weg’ (translated as ‘where there is a will, there is a way’), which I have been told, is identical to the Iranian’s own proverb: ‘Khastan, Tavanestan ast = When there is a will, There is a way.”

Masood Kamali Ardakani Presentation:

Prospects of Netherlands Iran Trade and Investment Cooperation – Slide Show Presentation

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