Iran has put in place supportive government policies and regulation for foreign investors

20170221_113250.jpgExtract Tehran Times:

By Rebecca Meijlink – A team at International Research Networks (IRN) organised an excellent Iran Business Symposium on Feb. 21+23, 2017, at the Renaissance Hotel in Amsterdam. The purpose of the conference was to further create a better multilateral understanding and to serve as a platform whereby the global business and investment community could discover the latest developments and opportunities within the newly opened economy of Iran following the implementation of the Joint comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly called the nuclear deal. The forum was also intended to provide an opportunity for open discussion.

Investors can be reassured that the climate for working with foreign business is supported by the right mechanisms.

According to Masood Kamali Ardakani, “Iran has put in place supportive government policies and regulation, including FIPPA (Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Act), to facilitate entry into Iran by foreign businesses.”  There are many advantages of investing through FIPPA, with the following, to name a few: no discrimination between domestic and foreign investors; all foreign investors being allowed to invest in all fields; foreign investors being able to hold 100% of the shares in an Iranian entity; the option for a free transfer of foreign capital and profits abroad.  Importantly, the legislation also protects foreign investors against nationalisation and expropriation, which is obviously a main concern by foreign parties evaluating this market.

Additionally, Iran has created seven free trade zones and 19 special economic zones – introducing in these zones certain tax incentives, among other things.

To effectively assist international investors and corporates, an Investment Service Centre ( has been set up as a help desk for queries.

Iran Investment Promotion Law – Slide Show Presentation

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