Foreign companies returning to Iran or newcomers are well advised to have a close look on their IP protection

20170221_113250Extract Tehran Times:

By Rebecca Meijlink – A team at International Research Networks (IRN) organised an excellent Iran Business Symposium on Feb. 21+23, 2017, at the Renaissance Hotel in Amsterdam. The purpose of the conference was to further create a better multilateral understanding and to serve as a platform whereby the global business and investment community could discover the latest developments and opportunities within the newly opened economy of Iran following the implementation of the Joint comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly called the nuclear deal. The forum was also intended to provide an opportunity for open discussion.

Sam Jalaei, Attorney-at-Law, partner Magnusson Law, gave an excellent presentation on the Legal System in Iran, including a chapter on Intellectual Property Law.

Intellectual Property:
 The Iranian Intellectual Property Law (IR-IPL) determines the protection and the use of intellectual property including Trademarks, Patents and Patent Designs. Protection of intellectual property has a long tradition in Iran. New efforts because of technological innovations in Iran during recent years have caused the legislator to pay more attention to IP protections. Foreign companies returning to the country or newcomers are well advised to have a close look on their IP protection
 The Iranian government has adhered to a number of international conventions.
 Iran is a member of WIPO since 2001 and has acceded to several WIPO intellectual-property treaties.
 Iran joined the Convention for the protection of Industrial Property (Paris Convention) in 1959.
 In December 2003 Iran became a party to the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol for the International Registration of Marks.

 In 2000 Iran joined the Lisbon Agreement for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International Registration – ensures the protection of geographical names associated with products.
 Iran has NOT become a member of The Hague Agreement for the Protection of Industrial Designs.
 Copyright and related rights are protected under The Law for Protection of Authors, Composers and Artists Rights (1970) and The Law of Translation and Reproduction of Books, Periodicals and Audio Works (1973). Also protected under the Electronic Commerce Act (2003)

 Iran has not acceded to any international convention or agreement on copyright and related rights protection (e.g. Bern and Rome Convention). Thus, there are some lacuna and contrary regulations with international conventions in Iranian legal system.
 Iranian Intellectual Property Right laws of Iran carry out the following Acts:
 The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, Stockholm (1967 & 1979)
 The Paris Convention provides the following protection of industrial property;
1) Patents
2) Utility models
3) Industrial designs
4) Trademarks
5) Service marks
6) Trade names
7) Indication of source or appellations of origin

 Madrid Convention and Protocol
 Lisbon Agreement for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International Registration
 Bilateral Investment Treaties
 Patent and Trademark Registration Act 1931
 Regulations for the Execution of the Patent and Trademark Registration Act 1958
 Software Act 2000 (Protection of Rights of Computer Software Act 2000)
 Electronic Commerce Act for the protection of some industrial property in E-Commerce (on the Internet) 2003
 Appellation of Origin Act (2004)
 Islamic Penal Code (1998)
 Civil Liability Act (1960)

Intellectual Property in Iran – Slide Show Presentation

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